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Migrants create blockade demanding to be send home


Yet another protest from labourers stranded in Gujarat were reported on Thursday. This time the place of confrontation was Dahej in Bharuch district. Several migrants working in and around Dahej came on the roads and created a blockade demanding that they be sent home.

Over 4 lakh migrants have so far returned home from Gujarat, but several still continue to struggle to get tickets or transportation to return to their home states. The protest was reported from Jolwa village following which the police rushed to the spot to calm the situation. The migrants told local media that they have been stuck in the district for close to two months . “We don’t have work and hence have no money. Please send us home as our families are worried about us,” said a migrant.

Earlier on Wednesday a similar report of blockade was reported from the main highway passing through Gandhidham town in Kutch district. The migrants had even resorted to stone pelting.

In that case, the migrants were angry that despite completing the necessary registration process, the administration was not doing anything about their repatriation.

The stone throwing damaged the windscreen of a truck besides forcing vehicles to stop near a cargo area on the Gandhidham-Kandla highway.

Similar incidents of clashes between police and migrants have been reported from several parts of Gujarat. Surat, a migrant hub of the state, alone has reported over five such major and minor clashes across the district.