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MiG-29K Crash: Indian Navy recovers body of missing pilot


The Indian Navy on Monday recovered the body of the missing Mig-29K pilot Commander Nishant Singh after more than 10 days since he went missing after his aircraft crashed into the Arabian Sea. The Commander’s body was found 30 miles off Goa’s coast on the sea bed 70 meters below the water.

Notably, Commander Singh was the instructor at the controls of the Russian made twin-seater trainer aircraft and was missing post the accident on November 26. However, the trainee pilot was rescued. A massive search operation was launched by the Navy to trace Commander Singh.

The wreckage of the MiG-29K fighter jet of the Indian Navy, which was later found, indicated that the missing pilot had ejected moments before the aircraft crashed in the Arabian Sea on November 26.

Notably, naval experts found the primary wreckage of the fighter jet, but the ejection seat of Commander Nishant Singh was missing from the site.

Meanwhile, Commander Singh’s family has been informed about the development and DNA tests are being carried out to identify the body.

The fighter jet was at a very low altitude when the pilots ejected. According to media reports, the trainee maintains he spotted a second parachute after he got out of the aircraft.

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It is unclear why the personal locator beacon of the MiG-29K pilot failed to ping an electronic distress signal after making contact with the water.

Past incidents involving MiG-29K

Meanwhile, the November 26 incident was the fourth crash in recent times involving MiG-29K aircraft. A MiG-29K aircraft had crashed in Goa in February while on routine training sorties. However, the pilot was able to timely eject from the aircraft.

A twin-seater MiG-29K aircraft had crashed in November last year due to a bird hit after taking off from the Goa naval airbase. In that incident too, both the pilots were able to timely eject from the aircraft.

Similarly, a MiG-29K aircraft crashed in January 2018 after it veered off the runway at the INS Hansa base in Goa. However, the pilot escaped unharmed.


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