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Mediclaim documents used to open fraud bank a/c in insured’s name!


It took an Income Tax (I-T) notice for a businessman in Ahmedabad to stumble upon a fraud in which his original documents were used to open a bank account without his knowledge.

Investigations revealed that the person to whom he had entrusted the original documents to process his mediclaim policy used the same to open a bank account in the insured’s name without informing him.

The man has now filed a case against the agent as well as the bank employee who helped him open the bank account.

How the fraud was perpetrated?

Amrish Dutt, a businessman from Shahpur’s Nagoriwad, had given his original documents to one Himanshu Shah, a resident of Siddhichakra Apartment in Paldi.

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On April 27. 2016 he handed over the Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Election card and other documents of his family and workers to Himanshu Shah to get a mediclaim policy done.

In the year 2019, he got a call from an officer of the I-T department PD Vaghela asking him to come down to the tax office as he had failed to file a return for his company and had not responded to several notices issued to him.

When Amrish met the I-T official he was told that he had failed to mention his bank account in Central Bank while filing his annual returns.

Amrish told the official that he had no bank account in Central Bank. Later when Amrish checked with the bank he found that the bank account for one Nita Traders was in his name.

When he approached the bank, the bank manager asked him to talk to Himanshu. When Amrish met Himanshu the latter urged him not to file a complaint and that he will help settle the matter including the one with the I-T Department.

Police complaint filed in mediclaim fraud

Amrish, however, filed an application with the police. Unfortunately for Amrish, he has so far received two notices from the Income Tax department for his account, opened without his consent.

The investigation has not progressed much in the matter despite him filing a police complainant against Himanshu and the Central Bank employee.


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