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Media Should Expand Its Role In Building an Prosperous India, Says PM Modi


New Delhi: Media is the fourth pillar of society. This is the reason why media participation is important in social upliftment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also believes that media should expand the role in building a prosperous India. In a program of the news channel ‘Times Now’, PM Modi said that the decisions taken by the government in last eight months are unprecedented and the changes taking place in the country have infused new energy at every level of the society filled with confidence.

PM Modi said that India will not lose time, it will move forward with full confidence. During an event in Delhi, PM Modi said, “The youngest country in the world is now in the mood to play fast. The century that the government has made in just 8 months of decisions is unprecedented. The prime minister also called on the media to play its role in the creation of a New India and said on the lines of the awareness drive launched by the media on Swachh Bharat and single-use plastic, it should continuously run campaigns about the challenges and needs of the country.”If you want to criticise the government, point out mistakes in our schemes, do it openly, it is a very important feedback for me personally, but also keep the people of the country constantly aware.

Modi said, “Now India’s goal is to expand our economy to $ 5000 billion in the next five years. This goal is not easy, but it is not even that which cannot be attained.” He said, “For the first time, a government has focused on the economic development of small cities and for the first time a government has given big dreams of these small cities.”

He said, “There has been another area in our country on which governments have been very hesitant to put their hands on it. This is the tax system. There was no change in this four years. Till now we have dominated the process-centric tax system. Now it is being made citizen-centric.” The PM said, “Often these efforts of the government do not make headlines but today we have joined the few countries of the world, where the rights of tax payers are clearly defined. Taxpayers Charter will also apply.”

Modi said, India has taken such a fast decision worked at a fast pace. The work of bringing every farmer of the country under the PM Kisan Yojana has been done. There is a plan to give pension to farmers, laborers, shopkeepers. Ministry of Water Power has been formed on an important subject like water.