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Maskless cop penalizes citizens for mask violation!

  • A video of the cop penalizing citizens while not wearing a mask himself had gone viral
  • Police later clarified that the cop was also fined Rs 500

The fine for not wearing a mask in public is Rs 1,000 from August 1 onwards. As the police across the state busy themselves nabbing offenders, a video of a cop sans a mask fining people for mask violation has gone viral. 

As a result, the state police got trolled on several social media sites forcing it into damage control mode. But more important is the question that it raises. Is the law equal for everyone or not?


The video is of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Nirubha Jadeja. In the video, the cops are seen sitting in a police van without a mask near Nari Chokdi in Bhavnagar and penalising people who are out on the streets without a mask. 

A citizen is heard asking, “What sir, the rules don’t apply to you? All the rules are for us citizens to follow?” The ASI is heard replying that the citizen should get his answer at the collector office.

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As the video went viral, top officials of Bhavnagar city got into damage control mode. The cops also got trolled online for their double standards. Top police officials clarified that the cop was fined Rs500 for violating the mask rule.

CM appeals to all 

It should be noted that from August 11 onwards the Gujarat government had announced that the fine for not wearing a mask in public was Rs 1,000. The government had also appealed to all to not step out without a mask. The fine for not wearing a mask was increased from Rs200 to Rs500 earlier.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani also appealed to people that Janmashtami celebrations be restricted to the home and not to visit crowded places. The Iskcon temple and several others have also barred devotees from temples in an attempt to maintain social distancing and prevent a crowd.

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