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Married woman weds her lover, later threatens first hubby for a divorce!


In a strange case, a man has approached the cops accusing his wife and her second husband of threatening him.

Nothing unusual in the case, except that the woman in question had gone ahead and married her lover while still being married to her first husband.

The complaint with Krushnagar police station states that the woman after getting married to her lover, a second time, is now threatening the man (the first husband) to divorce her.

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The complaint by one Yogesh Chandela has named his wife Juli and her second husband Chetan Borana, his in-laws Sushilaben and Dharmesh as the accused.

Probe revealed that Chandela, a steel trader, married Julie sometime ago but his wife fell in love with Chetan following which she married him in December 2019 in Asarwa.

The second marriage happened without Julie bothering to dissolve the first one. Interestingly, the second marriage was also officially registered.

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Later on February 3, Julie filed a complaint of harassment against Yogesh and his family in Rajasthan. Yogesh then approached the high court which stayed the complaint.

Julie meanwhile continued to threaten him to grant her a divorce or warned him of severe consequences. He tried to talk to his in-laws but they too threatened him. Police are investigating the matter.