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Wanted Maoist leader Prashant Bose arrested by Jharkhand police

  • Prashant Bose, a top Maoist leader, was carrying Rs 1 crore reward on his head; his wife Sheela Marandi too was arrested

Ranchi: Top Maoist leader Prashant Bose alias Kishan Da, andhis wife Sheela Marandi, also a senior Maoist leader, have been arrested by the Jharkhand police, said official sources.

Bose was wanted for quite some time and carried a reward of Rs 1 crore on his head.

The couple was taken to Ranchi for further investigation.

Bose was the chief of the Maoist Communist Centre of India before it was merged with CPI-ML to form CPI (Maoist) in 2004.

Currently, Prashant Bose, 75, is the member of CPI Maoist Central Committee, Politburo, Central Military Commission (CMC) and secretary of the Eastern Regional Bureau (ERB) of the Maoist party.

He had been overseeing and coordinating revolutionary movement in north-east states, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

He was believed to be operating from Saranda forests of Jharkhand.

Prashant Bose’s wife Sheela is said to have been guiding women organizations affiliated to CPI Maoist in the country.



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