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Mansukh Mandaviya says farm laws to make farmers “aatmanirbhar”


Union minister of state for chemicals and fertilisers Mansukh Mandaviya on Sunday criticised the Opposition for “misleading the farmers” against the contentious farm legislations. Mansukh Mandaviya, who was in Surat, clarified on various aspects of the farm bills to substantiate that these legislations are going to benefit and empower the farmers.

While enumerating on the steps taken by the Narendra Modi government for the farmers, Mandaviya said the farm legislations are based on the Swaminathan Committee report and will make farmers “aatmanirbhar” (self-reliant).

Opposition doing politics

The Union minister said when the Citizen (Amendment) Act (CAA) was enacted, the Opposition said minorities will lose their citizenship in the country. “The Act has been implemented. I want to ask how many people belonging to minority committees in Gujarat lost their citizenship. The Opposition was misleading the people. Similarly, the Opposition is misleading the farmers on these farm legislations,” he said.

Mandaviya added: “Congress is claiming that the farm legislations will end the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC). They are claiming that the procurement by the government at minimum support price (MSP) will end. These are blatant lies. The APMC and MSP system will continue like before.”

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He also urged Gujarat farmers not to fall prey to the misleading campaign of the Opposition.

Mansukh Mandaviya says new legislations will empower farmers

Mansukh Mandaviya said that the farm legislations empower the farmers to sell their produce to anyone who offers them a better price. He clarified that while traders dealing in agricultural produce were free to sell it to anybody, there was restriction on farmers.

He also gave an example of Israel, where he claimed that the produce is sold by farmers in advance. The minister said that farmers in India can also opt for contract farming and sufficient protection has been granted to farmers in case a dispute arises in contract farming.

Protests against farm legislations

Ever since the farm bills were cleared by the Parliament, protest erupted across the country. The government is facing flak for the bills and many farmer organisations have expressed their unhappiness over the legislations.


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