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Manjula Shroff-Amitabh Shah the kingpin in Nityanand case: Janardhan Sharma


Ahmedabad: Standing outside Gujarat high Court today, Janardhan Sharma, the father of 2 daughters who went missing from the self styed god man Nityanand’s ashram at Hathijan near Ahmedabad, has levelled serious allegations against Manjula Shroff and the founder of Yuva Unstoppable Amitabh Shah. He said “I have been trying to reach out them since October but failed constantly. I request them to let me meet my daughters but was denied. Manjula shroff and Amitabh Shah have been supporting Nityanand in Gujarat.

The matter was disclosed a week ago by Gujarat Exclusive that Manjula Pooja Shroff and Amitabh Shah were assisting Swami Nityananda in Gujarat and both are partners of Swami Nityananda’s evil deeds and Janardhan Sharma has confirmed these allegations today. Gujarat Exclusive had revealed that the case that if properly investigated, the entire scandal of human trafficking, hawala, converting black money to white would come to light.

After the allegations made by Janardhan Sharma, the police should investigate the other angles in the case and not just limit the investigation to Habeas Corpus. The police should also investigate Manjula Shroff and Amitabh Shah, their role in the entire scandal and start the criminal proceedings against them.

According to documents obtained by Gujarat Exclusive, Yuva Unstoppable had received donations worth 12 crores in 2017-18 and 8.5 crores in 2016-17.  In the last two years of 2017 and beyond, even though 2019 records are not available, Amitabh Shah has received a whopping Rs 20 crore in Donations in White. The system, the government and the investigating agencies should consider and investigate to find out how the money was used? The police should take the take the case seriously and investigate the alleged frauds of the trio Manjula-Amitabh-Nityanand.