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BJP is Bharatiya Jhagda Party, has no agenda other than fighting: Manish Sisodia in Surat


Surat: Encouraged by the Aam Aadmi Party’s victory in Surat in the municipality elections held earlier this year, senior leaders of the party have been focusing their energies on Gujarat ahead of the Assembly elections here. Less than two weeks after party national convener and Delhi Chief Miniser Arvind Kejriwal’s visit to Surat, party leader and Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia arrived in the city for meetings and pre-poll discussions.

At a conference here, Sisodia accused BJP of being solely interested in fighting with others. He said, “BJP is any acronym for Bharatiya Janata Party. But now it is Bharatiya Jhagda (fight) Party. They have no agenda other than fighting. They have no work for Gujarat or India. When they were supposed to manage Covid, they were fighting elections.”

Sisodia was joined by well-known philanthropist Mahesh Savani who joined the party on Sunday and senior journalist Isudan Gadhvi who had joined earlier this month besides Gujarat AAP leader Gopal Italia and others.

Sisodia also said that he had been told that the enthusiasm around AAP had increased several folds since his visit to the state four months ago for campaigning ahead of the civic elections.

“There is one party that is ruling for several years and there is one party that is sitting among the public. People have seen that, under Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership in Delhi, work could be done in 5 years which was not done by Congress in 80-90 years and BJP in 20-25 years,” he said, urging people to strengthen their faith in AAP in the coming days. He expressed faith that more people would join AAP in Gujarat in coming days.

To a question of who the Gujarat CM face of AAP would be, Sisodia said it would be decided before the elections.


‘Allegations of exaggerating Delhi’s oxygen demand baseless’

Sisodia was questioned about the allegation that he had exaggerated the oxygen demand of Delhi during the second wave of Covid. To this, he said, “The report that BJP is talking about was made in its headquarters. The Supreme Court’s audit team has said there is no such report. I challenge BJP to produce the report signed by the SC audit team. BJP is just looking for a reason to fight.”



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