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Man throws acid on wife and son, severely injures both


A man attacked his wife and children by throwing acid on them in Bapunagar. The man, a resident of Umang Flat, was angry after his wife refused to take him back due to his alcohol addiction.

The man threw the acid through the window of the house in the dead of the night. The acid fell on the face of his wife and son who were fast asleep while two of his other children escaped. Cops have arrested the accused.

What happened in the acid attack?

Cops have identified the man as Vinod Cheekh who used to live with his wife Mamta and four kids. The couple has three daughters- Kajal, Puja, Shivani and a son Jitu. Kajal is married and lives with her in-laws while the other three children lived with the couple.

Mamta and her husband had informally separated due to his refusal to be employed. He also had an alcohol addiction. An annoyed Vinod would often come to Mamta and threaten her.

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On Friday, Vinod came to Mamta’s house and had a fight with her and had demanded that he wanted to stay with them which his wife refused.

Mamta had then thrown him out of her house. At night when Mamta and the kids were asleep, Vinod threw acid on the sleeping family through the window. The acid fell on Mamta and her son Jitu.

The duo sustained injuries on their face, eyes and neck. The two began to shout for help and neighbours rushed and found Vinod leaving the place.

The two have suffered major injuries to their eyes and are unable to open them. They are under treatment at the Civil Hospital. Bapunagar police later filed a complaint and nabbed Vinod.

Corporator’s chain snatched

Chain snatchers on Saturday snatched a chain from city corporator Mona Prajapati. The incident caused the corporator to fall from her two-wheeler although she was not injured. As per the complaint, the corporator was on her way on an Activa scooter near Naranpura crossroads when a man on a bike came and snatched her gold chain.


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