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Man rubs chest of woman shopkeeper in Surat in a case of molestation


In a case of molestation, a regular customer at a shop in Surat touched the chest of a woman shopkeeper. When the woman protested, the customer threatened to kill the woman and her husband.

Ritesh (name changed) a shopkeeper, who has a grocery shop at Naya Kamela area near Sahara Darwaja had gone to the market to get some stock for his shop. At that time, his wife Rita was manning the store.

One JavedKhan Pathan, a regular at the shop, arrived and asked for bottled water. When Rita got the bottled water from the refrigerator and offered it to Pathan, he allegedly grabbed her hand and rubbed his other hand over her chest. Rita pushed the man and he fell down the stairs and suffered minor injuries.

He left the place only to return in some time with a stick and threatened to kill Rita and her husband.

When Rita’s sister-in-law tried to intervene, Pathan allegedly hit the woman too. When she started shouting, a crowd gathered and Pathan ran away from the place. Rita later filed a complaint of molestation with the Purna police station.

Other recent incidents of molestation

In September, a 10-year-old child was molested by a neighbour in Raipur area of Ahmedabad. The child was lured by the youth who promised her a biscuit.

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The child somehow managed to escape her molester and went home crying. When her family came to know of the incident and went looking for the neighbour he had already locked his house and left the place.

In another incident, a 14-year-old boy was allegedly molested at a COVID-19 care centre in Bhavnagar. The incident came to light after a complaint was made in this connection.

Police said the teen had accompanied his mother to the centre, where she had been put in isolation in a room. The boy told the police that a person in white shirt and mask approached him while he was at his mother’s room at the center, and he identified himself as a doctor and then went on to touch him inappropriately.

The incident happened on July 4. A molestation complaint was filed in both the incidents.


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