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Diamond polisher battling economic woes returns lost diamonds worth Rs9 lakh


A diamond polisher in Surat, who himself is battling financial instability, made an extraordinary effort to trace the owner of 30-carat diamonds after he found it in the parking lot of Princes Plaza in Mini Bazaar in the city and returned it.

Raju Rathod, a resident of Opera Society in Kamrej has been battling financial woes since the lockdown. Rathod works as a diamond polisher and due to the slowdown has been earning only Rs15,000 per month. 

Four days ago while he was passing through the parking area of Princess Plaza, he found a small bag on the ground. He picked it up and found diamonds of about 30 carats worth Rs9 lakh in it.

Rathod whose earnings support seven people in his house decided to return the diamond to the owner. Rathod asked around and got to know that one person was complaining about a bag of diamonds he had lost.

The man, identified as one Haresh, had also come looking for it.

Who lost the diamonds?

Haresh Viradia said on September 22 while he was passing through the marketplace, he had lost the small bag with diamonds in it. He said the diamonds were valued at close to Rs9 lakh.

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After he lost the diamonds, he posted a lost notice in various diamond markets in case someone found it and returned it.

He had also spread the word through social media and had also checked the CCTV footages of the area but to no avail.

Haresh said he believed the diamonds were lost to him. Haresh said since the diamonds belonged to someone else he had planned to sell his house to repay the money.

That is when Rathod called him and gave him the diamonds. Haresh said he was grateful to Rathod for returning the diamonds to him.


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