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Surat man loses Rs3.96 lakh trying to buy iPhone 11 on OLX


A man in Surat ended up losing close to Rs4 lakh in his eagerness to buy an iPhone 11 on OLX. The man saw an advertisement for the sale of iPhone- 11 on OLX and called on the site to know the further process.

A woman who claimed to be from customer care told him that it would cost him Rs3.96 lakh including various charges.
She then asked him to transfer it to various accounts. After paying three times the actual cost of the phone, it finally occurred to the man that he was cheated and he filed a complaint with the Salabatpura police station.

As per the complaint, Nirav called a number on OLX site to buy an iPhone 11 that was for sale. A woman who responded to his call said that he will have to first deposit Rs10,000 in a particular account as some charges. Nirav assumed that was the last he heard about the additional charges.

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Man ignored the demand for money for iPhone on OlX for too long

But the woman called again. She told him there was an error when they were trying to buy the phone for him and it could be because the customs duty for it was not paid and asked him to send Rs16,000.

Nirav gave the money without verifying the tall tales being told by the woman. Nirav then over a few days continued to pay the money for some or the other charges.

In all, he spent Rs3.96 lakh as additional charges for the iPhone 11. Interestingly, it was only when he did not get the phone that he realised that he was cheated and approached the cops to file a case.


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