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Man held in MP for making liquor from sanitizer


Call it an act of desperation or jugaad at work, a man in Madhya Pradesh got so desperate for a peg that he attempted to make liquor from hand sanitizers. His attempts at reverse engineering were cut short after the police came knocking on his doors.

The man identified as Indal Singh Rajput was arrested by the Sultanpur police in Raisen district on Saturday night. He is a resident of Boriya Jagir village.

It should be noted that liquor shops in the state have been closed due to the lockdown but distilleries have been granted permission to manufacture sanitizers, the demand for which has zoomed following the Covid19 pandemic. Sanitizers have alcohol in them, and the higher the alcohol content the better is the effectiveness of the sanitizer.

Rajput was held with sanitizers that had 72% alcohol content in them. He was booked under the Excise Act.

Liquor shops across the country were closed down following the lockdown, but some were allowed to function by the state government after risk profiling of the respective regions. States had also demanded opening of liquor shops as it was the main source of revenue for many of them. Earlier a man in Tamil Nadu had died after he consumed hand sanitizer after he was unable to get alcohol.