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Mamata Banerjee attacks PM Modi, BJP during Hooghly rally


Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah.

Speaking at a rally in Hooghly, Banerjee said that PM Modi is the “biggest rioter” and his fate would be worse than former US President Donald Trump. She said, “Narendra Modi is the biggest dangabaaz (rioter) in the country. What has happened to Trump, he (Modi) will meet an even worse fate. Nothing can be gained from violence.”

“One is danava (monster), one is Ravana. Both are running the country. Modi and your monster friend, speak a lot. You can speak for two months because we will speak after that. It is not that easy to win Bengal. I will ensure a grave for the BJP on this ground,” Banerjee said.

The TMC chief said, “I respect the post of prime minister. Today he (PM Modi) is there, tomorrow he would not be there. But he is lying.”

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“I will be the goalkeeper in the Bengal assembly polls and BJP will not be able to score a single goal. PM Modi uses a teleprompter to speak Bengali. I speak without it. I can speak Gujarati. I do not use a teleprompter,” the firebrand leader said.

Mamata attacks BJP for using central agencies

She also attacked the BJP government for using central agencies to target her nephew’s wife, Rujira Banerjee. The CM said, “Arrest us all. We have 20 lakh workers, including me. You will bury me here. I will rise like a tree in Delhi. A wounded tigress is dangerous. Game is on. If you (voters) can defeat BJP in Bengal, know that they will disappear from India.”

“They are afraid of me. Hence, they try to intimidate. I do not care. How many will you arrest? So many will revolt. Take the money if they come and give you [voters], it is yours. Eat good from it. Then do not vote for them,” the CM told the gathering.

Women not safe in BJP-ruled states

Taking a dig at PM Modi for saying that women are not safe in Bengal, the TMC chief said, “He said women are not safe in Bengal. I ask are the women in BJP safe? Are women safe in UP and MP? Even BJP’s women leaders are not safe in their own party. We respect all our women. Bengal is the land of mothers.”


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