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Mamata Banerjee attacks BJP after Victoria Memorial incident


The political battle between the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the BJP is intensifying with each passing day ahead of the West Bengal Assembly election scheduled in April-May. The Bengal CM on Monday attacked the BJP over the Victoria Memorial incident and said that while the BJP can insult her, but the insult of the state will not be tolerated.

She termed the saffron party as fake and urged people to accept the cash being offered by the BJP, but vote for TMC when in the Assembly election.

What did Mamata Banerjee say?

The CM, while speaking at an event in Pursurah in Hooghly district, said, “BJP may pay you cash. If they do, take it but vote for TMC when you enter the booth. The BJP is total fake. They can insult me, but I will not tolerate West Bengal’s insult. The BJP does not even respect women.”

Banerjee said, “I went to their programme and some aggressive, fanatic traitors dared to tease me in front of the PM. They don’t know me. If you point a gun at me I will show you the armoury. But I don’t believe in politics by the gun.”

Raking up the outsider versus insider debate, Banerjee said, “You have insulted Netaji. You have named the birthplace of Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore) wrong. You have destroyed Vidyasagar’s statue. You garlanded a wrong statue thinking it was Birsa Munda.”

The chief minister on Saturday refused to speak at an official event attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to observe Subhas Chandra Bose’s 125th birth anniversary, after ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chants greeted her.

Mamata criticises defectors

Terming the defectors as “betrayers”, Mamata Banerjee said those who have deserted the TMC in the run-up to the assembly polls will never be welcomed back.

“The ones who left knew they would not be getting tickets in the coming elections. It is good they exited, or else we would have thrown them out… Those who want to leave the party should do that as early as possible,” Banerjee added.


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