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Maharashtra puts price cap on pvt hospitals treating Covid19 patients


After reports of private hospitals exploiting Covid patients by charging them an exorbitant rate emerged, the Maharashtra government has come out with a cap on per day charge for treatment of Covid19 patients in private and charitable hospitals. The state has come out with three three slabs on per day charges. The cap will apply to 80% of the operational bed capacity in these hospitals.

The private and charitable hospitals have been asked to accommodate a maximum number of patients with 80% of the bed capacity being subject to the price cap stated by the government. The state said that the fee regulation applies to both isolation and non-isolation beds in private and charitable hospitals.

Healthcare providers however are free to charge their own rates for the remaining 20% beds, according to a government notification. There will be no difference in quality of treatment in 80% and 20% categories, it said.

For Covid19 patients, the three rate slabs for a per day payment will be – Rs 4,000, Rs7,500 and Rs 9,000 – based on the category of wards they have been admitted to. For non-Covid19 patients, hospitals which have agreements with insurance companies will follow the rate of lowest slab irrespective of the category of beds. In case there is no agreement with insurance firms, hospitals will have to follow the prescribed slabs. The guidelines will be in force till August 31.