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Maharashtra: Devendra Fadnavis to be CM again denied sharing 50-50 seat


Mumbai: Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday said that he will be the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra and he denied on sharing 50-50 seat with Shiv Sena. He assure that it will be the BJP Government who will led the government for next 5 years and there is no duobt on it.

After the results of the Assembly elections on 24th October,there has been disagreement between the BJP-Shiv Sena over the formation of the government. Shiv Sena leader ‘Sanjay Raut’ told BJP that BJP should not force our party to look for other alternatives to form the next government in Maharashtra.There was no saint in politics.

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BJP and the allies have crossed the magic figures of the majority,winning 161 seats out of 288 seats in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.However,the BJP is relying heavily on its own ally Shiv Sena. In fact, BJP won 122 seats last time, while this time BJP won 105 seats.The number of Shiv Sena seats has also dropped from 63 to 56 compared to the last election.

It has been 5 days since the election results were announced. However, there has been no confirmation government formation yet in Maharashtra. The BJP and Shiv Sena, who had a pre-poll alliance, are having tussle over seat-sharing as they demanded under 50:50 formula. Shiv Sena said that both the parties should be allowed to form the government for 2.5 years each. However, the BJP is not ready to bow down before Sena’s demands.