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Loudspeaker spreads COVID-19 infection, says Bhuj Mamlatdar office


Apparently sound can spread COVID-19 too! Nope, we are not saying it neither are the scientists, but the Bhuj Mamlatdar office does believe in it.

For, he refused to grant permission for use of a loudspeaker in a temple citing COVID-19. No, he was not worried about social distancing and people not wearing a mask, but the virus spreading through the loudspeaker! And he did mention it while rejecting the application.


Perhaps this too can be added to the long list of hare-brained theories that surround the pandemic.

The incident and the virus’ hitherto unknown source of spreading came to light when a temple applied for permission to use a loudspeaker. The application was made to the Bhuj Mamlatdar and he summarily rejected it among other things because the use of loudspeakers could spread COVID-19 infection.

His reply has gone viral on social media eliciting several funny responses.

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What the rejection letter said

The letter in Gujarati informed the temple authorities that the government has come out with notifications regarding COVID-19. The incidence of the disease is on the rise in Bhuj. To prevent the further spread of the disease, we cannot permit you to use the loudspeaker.

Loudspeaker not only amplifies the sound but also spread the virus that comes through it increasing the instance of COVID-19 spread. Hence we are rejecting the application, the Bhuj Mamlatdar office wrote in its rejection letter.


Who applied for permission?

The Didhameshwar Temple in Ummednagar Road in Bhuj had applied for permission to use the loudspeaker. Since it was the month of Shravan they wanted to use it for chanting and puja so that devotees can get to hear it even if they could not visit the temple.

Though the temple failed to get permission for the same, it did get some hitherto unknown facts about COVID-19 and its spread.

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