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Lockdown woes: Rajkot school principal turns vegetable seller


To help counter the income shortage following COVID-19, the principal of a private school in Rajkot has taken to selling vegetables.

Anil Bhatt, who has a master degree in education, told local media that he took to selling vegetables as it was difficult to run his household with no income.

The school had shut down during lockdown and that affected his income.

Anil Bhatt said that apart from his salary as principal, he used to take up extra classes and earn Rs30,000.

But since the extra classes had to be shut due to lockdown he was finding it difficult to run his household and pay for his children’s education.

Bhatt said he took to vegetable selling on the advice of his friend Bhagirathsinh

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Attitude in life

The school principal said no work is small if done with honesty and integrity.

He said as long as the income was an honest one, everyone should be proud of it.

Anil Bhatt said he learned the ropes of the business from his friends.

Earlier parents had approached him for personal tuition but he had refused.

He said he even tried to work at a chemist shop but the pay was too low and so decided to sell vegetables instead.

Bhatt said he found support from his children and wife too.

The teacher, who teaches Maths, English, and Science from Class 9 to 12, said initially the going was tough.

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A few words of advice

The principal-turned-vegetable vendor has advice for those battling adversities.

Bhatt believes failure is more important than success. The latter gives a sense of happiness for a few moments while the former teaches valuable lessons for the entire life.

He says failure forces a person to change and look at life with a different perspective.

It also gives the person the strength to fight further battles.

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