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Locals protest survey by authorities in Kevadiya amids lockdown


Vishal Mistri, Rajpipla: The locals in Rajpipla’s Kevadiya area have protested a survey by the local authorities amidst the 45-day lockdown in the state. The villages of Kevadia, Kothi, Gora, Navagam and Limdi have been cordoned off by the authorities and the Statue of Unity (SOU) authorities along with cops and local administration has begun carrying out a survey which has led to protests by the local population.

The people, who are being prevented from gathering at the local site in the name of lockdown, have written to the mamlatdar in Garudeshwar and the Taluka Development Officer. They have also used social media to register their protest with the district collector. The protest message to end the survey being surreptitiously carried out has reached the 72 villages in the area.

The locals argue that with the lockdown the agricultural output is zilch and they are struggling to earn a living. Under such difficult conditions, the government is trying to grab their land. It also questioned the government’s urgency in carrying out the survey when the entire state was battling a pandemic.