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Rebels remove Chirag Paswan as LJP president


The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) has removed Chirag Paswan from the post of party president. The decision was taken in an emergency meeting of the rebel MPs who have isolated Chirag in the party founded by his late father Ram Vilas Paswan.

Party MP Pashupati Kumar Paras, who is leading the rebellion, had on Monday announced the removal of Chirag as the leader of the LJP parliamentary party. Paras, who is the brother of Ram Vilas Paswan, said that the removal was done on the principle of ‘One Man, One Post’.

The rebels are now likely to remove Chirag as the leader of the party’s parliamentary board, thus stripping him of every position he held in the party after his father’s demise.

Suraj Bhan made working president

The rebels have made Suraj Bhan the working president of the party until a new president is elected in the national executive meeting of the party expected soon.

Pasupati Kumar Paras had on Monday said, “There are six MPs in our party. It was the desire of five MPs to save our party. So I have not split the party, I have saved it. I am with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Nitish Kumar is a good leader and Vikas Purush (development man).”

Chirag Paswan reacts

After being isolated by the rebels, Chirag Paswan on Tuesday took to Twitter saying that he tried his best to keep the party and the family together, but failed.

“The party is like a mother and one should never betray one’s mother. In a democracy, the people are paramount. I thank the people who have had faith in the party,” he said. He also shared a letter written by him to his uncle in October 2020 to resolve the differences.

Following the coup on Monday, Chirag Paswan had tried to meet Paras. However, Paras refused to meet Chirag.

Chirag Paswan suspends rebels

Meanwhile, there are reports that Chirag Paswan on Tuesday suspended the five rebel MPs. The five MPs are Pashupati Paras, Prince Raj, Chandan Singh, Veena Devi and Mehboob Ali Keshar.


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