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Lioness pins down Amreli man in an attack, he pushes wild cat off him


A man in a village in Rajkot escaped unhurt after a lioness attacked him while he was fast asleep in his hut. The man managed to push off the lioness before it could attack.

The incident was reported from Abharampara village in Savarkundla taluka of Amreli district. According to local media reports, Vipul Khelaiya was fast asleep in his hut when he felt a sudden weight on his chest. 


He opened his eyes to see a lion pinning him down with her weight. Local reports said instead of panicking Khelaiya pushed the lioness off his chest. The lioness, perhaps not expecting her prey to counter-attack, got startled and moved back into the forest. 

Locals told the media that in all probability the lioness mistook the man for prey as the lions are not known for attacking humans.

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Locals said the pride of lions has recently taken up residence in Jabal and Abharampara village peripheries. This was the first instance of a lioness attacking a human although attacks on cattle are quite common.

Lion attacks donkey at bus stop in Amreli

A donkey that was resting at a bus stop in Amreli district was attacked by a pride of lions. A video of the attack was shot by a passerby. The video shows a lioness attacking the donkey while the rest are keeping a watch.

Lion population in Gujarat

The Gujarat Forest Department had in June announced that the lion population in the state has gone up from 674 from the 523 recorded five years ago. The new figures were announced after a lion population estimate was carried out.

A lion census is carried out every five years but this year only an estimate was done due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2015 Census had counted 523 lions, up from 411 in 2010.

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