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Limdi: Independent candidate Gopal Makwana’s candidature form rejected


Independent contestant for the Limdi seat Gopal Makwana’s nomination for the seat has been rejected. This has come as a big relief to Congress party which has announced Chetan Khachar as its candidate.

As per sources, Khachar’s nomination has resulted in Koli leaders within the party and the community, in general, being unhappy. Kolis dominate the seat followed by Rajputs.

Interestingly, neither the Congress nor the BJP gave a ticket to anyone from the community. Gopal Makwana was earlier with the Congress and a prominent leader of the community but after he was sidelined from the seat, he decided to contest as an independent.

He is also closely related to Congress MLA Rutij Makwana. It was speculated that Gopal Makwana would be given the seat given the dominance of the Koli community.

Limdi, a difficult seat

The Congress had earlier announced names for five of the eight seats and later announced candidates for two of the seats. It had delayed announcing the candidate for the Limdi seat.

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Both the BJP and the Congress had difficulty announcing a candidate for the seat. The BJP had initially announced names for seven of the eight seats that are scheduled for polls but delayed naming the same for Limdi.

Eventually, it named Kirtisinh Rana as its candidate. Rana was defeated by Soma Patel in the last assembly elections when he had fought on a Congress ticket.

Limdi will be an interesting battle as former MLA Soma Patel has filed his nomination as an Independent from the seat.

Soma Patel had tried to get a ticket from both the Congress and BJP but with both parties not keen on giving him one, he jumped in as an independent candidate.


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