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Less sex during lockdown affecting condom sales


The Covid19 lockdown may have allowed you to spend more time with your loved ones. But it isn’t really leading to more intimacy among couples, at least not in the United Kingdom. A news daily in the UK said that sale of condoms was on the decline during the lockdown. The daily quoted Reckitt Benckiser, owner of Durex condoms, as saying that people were having less sex because of the coronavirus crisis.

The daily reported that lower intimacy could be a result of the anxiety due to Covid19. Interestingly, while condom sales were on the decline, the sale of disinfectants and other products by pharma companies that were also into condom manufacturing, were on the upswing. The daily also reported a pharma company official stating that condom sales in China had improved as the lockdown was being lifted.

Apart from the drop in sales of condoms across the globe, manufacturers are also worried about the shortage in availability of condoms. Lockdown in Malaysia, one of the major rubber producers, has affected the availability of raw material for manufacture of condoms across the world. The shortage has also been exacerbated by closing down of manufacturing units due to the Covid19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown.