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Leopard aboard ship captured in Alang


A leopard in Alang decided to ‘quarantine’ itself in a ship set for dismantling leading to a week-long attempt by the forest department to bring it out of its self-imposed isolation. The leopard had made an oil tanker named King Kong 3 its home for almost a week before it was captured by forest officials in Bhavnagar on Friday. Alang has the biggest ship breaking industry in the world.

Forest officials believe that Alang which is a bustling place of activity had been brought to a standstill due to the coronavirus and the wildcat might have been attracted to the quiet it provided. Officials initially tried to lure it with meat but eventually had to tranquilize it after all other previous efforts failed. The officials also found several remnants of dog carcass which could have explained why the cat could not be lured with meat. It is believed that the cat might have left its safe place under the cover of darkness to hunt the dogs and returned to the ship to rest during the day.

Workers had sought help from the forest department to capture the wildcat after activities were allowed to be resumed in Alang since it falls outside the municipal corporation limits.