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‘Legal issues need to be resolved before Mallya can be extradited’


Business tycoon Vijay Mallya cannot be extradited unless a legal issue is resolved, the NDTV quoted a British High Commission official as stating. The news portal said that the source in the commission also stressed that the issue is confidential.

“Vijay Mallya last month lost his appeal against extradition, and was refused leave to appeal further to the UK Supreme Court. However, there is a further legal issue that needs resolving before Mr Mallya’s extradition can be arranged,” a British High Commission spokesperson was quoted by NDTV on Thursday.

The spokesperson further told the outlet that under United Kingdom law, extradition cannot take place until that particular matter was resolved.

The source also told the media outlet that they cannot say how long the issue will take to resolve.

Earlier on Wednesday media outlets had reported that Mallya, who is wanted in several cases for defrauding banks of crores of rupees, could be extradited to India anytime in the coming days.

The media reports quoted government sources as saying that the legal process for the same has been completed. Mallya had earlier lost his appeal in the UK top court on May 14 against his extradition to India. The report however did not mention the date of the extradition. Mallya is accused of defrauding 17 Indian banks by taking loans which he used to gain full or partial stake in about 40 companies abroad. On May 14, after the court ruling, he had again offered to repay 100% of his loan dues provided the case against him was closed.