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Lawyer stabbed in broad daylight in Kutch, dies


A lawyer was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Rapar town of Kutch. Incidentally, the stabbing happened near the local MLA’s office in the town. Gujarat kutch news 

The victim was identified as Devjibhai Maheshwari, 50, who was stabbed to death by a youth. The incident was captured by CCTV cameras in the area.

As news of the killing spread, a protest erupted and later at night protestors gathered on the Anjar-Mundra Highway and burnt tyres. Protests were also reported from Mankuva, Sukhpar and Gadhshisma areas.

What CCTV images showed about Kutch murder? Gujarat kutch news 

Police have released a sketch of the suspect. As per the CCTV footage, the youth was waiting for the lawyer near his office in the area on Friday evening.

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It took the youth mere seconds to attack the lawyer as he reached the area and climbed the stairs to his office. It is not known if the accused and victim knew each other or what prompted the attack.

The CCTV image shows youth in a red T-shirt waiting outside Devjibhai’s office. As the lawyer arrives and enters his office, the youth comes and stabs him in the back.

Devjibhai originally belonged to Nara village in Lakhpat, Kutch and had been a lawyer for 20 years. He was also the former head of the Indian Lawyers Association. His office was close to that of Rapar MLA Santokben Arethiya.

After the attack, he was shifted to the government hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.


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