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Landlord booked for suicide of tenant six months ago


A landlord has been booked for abettment of sucide after the tenant killed herself and left behind a suicide note blaming him for her death. Sola police booked Ramesh Panchal, a resident of Chandlodia, for abettment to suciide after his tenant Rama Patel, hanged herself at his flat in Gota. The incident had happened six months ago and forensic has now confirmed that the note written by Rama was indeed in her handwriting.

The victim’s son Jayesh told cops that he and his mother had gone to live at the house owned by Panchal in Gota on rent in April. But due to some medical emergencies at home they could not pay the rent for two months from July onwards and so Panchal would often come to their house and threaten both the son and the mother.

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He also said that sometimes Panchal would also threaten physical harm against the woman. Jayesh said that his mother could not cope with the torture whenever they failed to pay the rent and so hanged herself. The woman was 78-years-old when she killed herself.