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Kerala: CM and Governor are NOT in Same Team; Vijayan Hits Back Khan


Kerala became the first state in an Assembly to pass a resolution against this law. After passing the resolution in the assembly, the Kerala government has also approached the Supreme Court against this law. In such a situation, the Governor and Chief Minister of Kerala are seen face to face. The Pinarayi Vijayan government of Kerala is taking a tough stand regarding this law. At the same time, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan is advising the government to walk within the scope of Constitution.

In such a situation, once again the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan strongly targeted Central Government regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act. He said that whims and thoughts of National Self-Service Association will not be implemented in Kerala. We will uphold the values ​​of Constitution. Addressing a public meeting organized in protest against Vijayan Citizenship Act, the Left ruled states will not implement Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC as well as the NPR.

He said that many people suspected that Kerala would not bring a resolution against citizenship law. We all need to understand that all laws of the country should be according to the Constitution. If a law is against the constitution it cannot be implemented. Vijayan said that we need to implement the matters related to the constitution of the country. RSS does not have to implement cynicism and ideas. The movement across the country was done to protect the Indian Constitution and secularism.