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‘Kem Cho Trump’ To ‘Namaste Trump’ at Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium


Before the US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad on February 24, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on Saturday tweeted posters containing ‘Namaste Trump’. Trump will visit the famous Gandhi Ashram here and take part in a 22-km-long road show with Narendra Modi.  The Trump might be seen in each shade and tradition of India. After this, the two leaders will inaugurate the world’s largest Cricket Stadium in Motera and address a meeting. One lakh people are expected to reach this meeting. Earlier it was estimated that the name of the program would be ‘Kem Cho Trump’ but AMC posters have confirmed that it will now be ‘Namaste Trump’.

According to the information being received, this step has been taken so that this program can be given a nationwide form. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave this information on its official Twitter account on Sunday. The Municipal Corporation also released several posters of the theme of ‘Namaste Trump’. These pictures are of Donald Trump with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A slogan has also been written for the better relations of these two countries. It is believed that the tour will now be promoted as a nationwide tour rather than a Gujarat tour.

Till now, this visit by the US President was being used as ‘Kem Cho Trump’. Sources informed that the tour seemed to be shrinking in a state with this theme, so the program was named ‘Namaste Trump’, using Indian tradition to give it a nationwide look. The government has ordered the media to design things on new themes from the publicity materials. After the order, all boards and hoardings will be printed afresh and ‘Namaste Trump’ will be shown in it.