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Kapil Gurjar, who fired in the air at Shaheen Bagh, joins BJP


Kapil Gurjar, who fired shots in the air in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area in February during the protest against the Centre’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), on Wednesday joined the BJP.

Notably, Shaheen Bagh was the epicentre of the anti-CAA protest and Kapil Gurjar had fired two rounds in the air at the protest site. After the act, he had shouted “Jai Shri Ram” and said that only Hindus will have a say in the country.

He was arrested by the police and sent to police custody and is currently out on a bail. After his arrest, he had told police that he went to the site of anti-CAA protests because he was annoyed with the traffic disruptions caused by road blockage.

Gurjar said his family was in process of preparing for his sister’s wedding, which is why he had to spend hours in traffic jams caused due to the road closure due to protests.

The 24-hour sit-in protest at Shaheen Bagh that was mainly led by women lasted for more than three months. The peaceful agitation that became a pan-India template for anti-CAA protests was called off in March in the wake of coronavirus fears and subsequent lockdown.

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After taking the political plunge, Kapil Gurjar said that he decided to join the BJP because the party works for Hindutva.

Congress attacks BJP

The Congress hit out at the BJP after Gurjar’s induction in the saffron party and said where else “the criminals and rioters” would go.

“Where else would the criminals and rioters go? He has chosen wisely. Now, wait for him to be made an office-bearer by the Bharatiya Gunda Party. BJP is dangerous for India!” Congress MP Ripun Bora said in a tweet.


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