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Kamal Nath Govt Issued Orders to Male Health Staff, Get At Least One Man Sterilized or Lose Job


The Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh has issued orders to its male health staff to bring at least one man for sterilization by the end of March or face compulsory retirement. The number of men opting for sterilization has come down in the state. Hence, the government has warned the male multi-purpose health workers (MMPHW) who failed to mobilize even one man for sterilization in 2019-2020 will have their salaries withheld and they will be made to compulsorily retire.

On receiving the target by the state government, the employees say that they can go from house to house in every district and carry out awareness campaign of family planning but cannot forcibly sterilize people. Currently, the fertility rate in most districts of the state is three, the government has set a target to increase it to 2.1. To accomplish this, about seven lakhs of vasectomies are to be done every year, but last year the number of vasectomies was reduced to thousands. Due to this, the state government has instructed the employees to complete the target under the family planning campaign.

Every year the target of sterilization operation is given to 0.6 percent of the total population. Taking note of the NFH survey, the NHM Mission Director issued the circular, asking top officials to identify those workers who have “zero work output” and subsequently withhold their salaries if they don’t get at least one case in 2019-20, The Indian express said. The said period ends next month. He said that now the male employees of the department should be given the target of family planning under the awareness campaign. After this letter, CMHO has issued a letter saying that if it does not work under the target, then it will send the proposal for compulsory retirement.