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Kailash Kher to Perform at ‘Namaste Trump!’; He May Make President Trump Dance on His Songs


Preparations are being finalized for US President Donald Trump’s visit to India. Along with making the security arrangements, the reception of the trump is also being taken good care. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will welcome the trump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the two leaders will also share the stage at the world’s largest Motera Stadium. On the occasion, singer Kailash Kher will also be seen giving a special performance for Donald Trump.

Giving information about his performance, Kailash Kher told that, “The performance to start with the song ‘Jai-Jai-Kara, Swami saath dena humara’ and end with ‘Bam Bam Lahiri’, if I have my way I would make him(Trump) also dance on this song,”Kailash Kher on his performance at ‘Namaste Trump’ event at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad on Feb24.”


the singer said, “Ever since we sang for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reception at Sap Center, in California, there were about thirty-thousand people, after watching the entire stadium chant I told god, India is so big, and you the one taking care of it, so, why not built even a bigger stadium in India where the voice of people will buzz the entire stadium.” “And look now I’m performing at the Motera Stadium where around 1.10 lakh people will sing along ‘Jai-Jai Kara, Jai-Jai Kara Swami Dena Saath Hamara’ with me,” he added.

This video of Kailash is viral on the Internet and people are giving their feedback on it. Singer Kailash Kher is going to give performance in India’s biggest stadium, in which more than one lakh people are expected to attend.

The official India tour of the trump will begin on February 24 at 12.30 pm in Ahmedabad. After this, Prime Minister Modi and Trump will reach there to address more than one lakh people in the ‘Namaste Trump’ program at Motera Cricket Stadium at 2.20 pm. Later this day, the Trump and his wife Melania will leave Ahmedabad for Agra Taj Mahal.