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JP Nadda asks BJP’s Rajasthan unit to strengthen party cadre


BJP national president JP Nadda on Tuesday advised the party’s Rajasthan leadership to strengthen the cadre and do self-analysis.

Nadda said some leaders have tendencies to go it alone and do not believe in taking others along with them. He said such leaders will never be able to enjoy the confidence of the party’s cadre and such leaders may not remain leaders for long. Those who have a good following and have the support of the party’s cadre would only service and others would wilt.

He was hinting about the infighting in the Rajasthan BJP and the artificial crisis created by the party leaders to project themselves as the future chief minister. Addressing the first executive meeting of the state BJP, he said strengthening the party through an effective cadre system at the booth level is the sole aim of the BJP.

Cadres crucial, says JP Nadda

The BJP president said the party is flowing on an aura backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity. But this has to be strengthened and this could be done only at the level of the cadre.

He said many people feel that the cadres are a liability, but it is the ground-level workers who provide the solution. A leader could sustain himself if he is a worker first.

Addressing the ‘State Executive Meeting’ at Birla Auditorium in Jaipur, Nadda asked the officials to complete the formation of booth committees by September 24.

“A lot of people among us have stopped self-analysis. This reduces our productivity. You all need to start doing self-analysis. You need to analyse –what you are giving to the party, how much contribution are you making to the party, at what level are you accepted in the party,” he said.

“The formation of our booth committees should be completed by September 25 which is Deendayal Upadhyay ji’s birth anniversary. There should not be any booth where our booth committee is not formed and every booth should have women, youth, Dalit brothers, and people from backward caste in our committees,” he added.

Nadda asked the party officials to ensure BJP’s victory in Rajasthan in the next Assembly polls. “Ashok Gehlot government’s priority is to not have a well-governed state. Seeing this, it is our responsibility, to say ‘namaskar to this sarkar’ and make sure that the lotus blooms here,” he said.

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Commenting upon the goal of the party in 2021, Nadda said, “We have a good image in public, but we are a cadre-based party. Therefore, it is our responsibility to strengthen the cadre. Strong manuals, active booths and active panna pramukh, are the three goals we have to complete in 2021.”

Nadda lauds PM Modi’s role in combating COVID-19 pandemic

Lauding the PM’s role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, the BJP chief said, “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination has begun. We have sent the Made-in-India vaccines to over 20 countries.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi by taking the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday has given a clear message that we must take the vaccination drive ahead,” he added.

Nadda also slammed Opposition parties over the protest against the three farm laws saying that farmers are our ‘annadata’ and “we need to bring them in the mainstream”. But, many parties are exploiting the protest for their own gain, he said.


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