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Jodhpur: 11 migrants from Pakistan found dead


Eleven members of a family, all migrants from Sindh province of Pakistan, were found dead in mysterious circumstances in Jodhpur district. The incident took place in village Lorta Achlawta under Dechu police station of Jodhpur district.

These migrants from Sangra district in Sindh province of Pakistan migrated to India in 2014.

Lone survivor

The family of backward classes was doing farming by taking land on lease in the village. Only a lone member of the family, Kewal Ram (37), survived as he did not sleep in the hut. Kewal Ram was guarding his farm at night.

He said that in the night he left home and went to the farm for guarding it against bluebells that destroys the crop. He slept on the farm and returned home on Sunday morning and found everybody in the family sleeping.

When he tried to awake the family members, they did not respond. He checked all the persons sleeping in the hut which is located on the farm itself. Thereafter, Kewal Ram shouted for help and the local villagers rushed towards the farm. But, eventually, it was found that all of them were dead by then.

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The dead included two children who were guests and were the kids of Kewal Ram’s sister. Buddha Ram, 75, was the head of the family.

Cause of death yet to be ascertained

The cause of the deaths has not been established yet. But, the police suspect it to be a case of mass suicide by consuming some poisonous substance. It is also suspected that they might have died after inhaling some poisonous gas. There are seven women and four men among the dead.

According to the Jodhpur (rural) police superintendent Rahul Barhat, the family consumed some poisonous substance in the night or they might have inhaled some poisonous gas that caused their deaths. Since the forensic report is yet to arrive, police said the exact reason behind the deaths is yet not clear.

Family was facing religious persecution in Pakistan

According to reports, the family facing persecution and hardship in Pakistan. So, it decided to settle down in India. In fact, the family migrated to India on a tourist visa. However, it decided to settle down in Jodhpur as a large number of their Hindu relatives had also chosen to settle down in India.


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