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Jobs were Ban in Gujarat Congress Rule, CM Rupani seen in Changed Style Due to PR Agency


Mujahid Tunvar, Gandhinagar: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani address the youth of Gujarat through a video on the occasion of New Year. Through the video, Rupani wished the youth of Gujarat a Happy New Year and also gave information about what the government had done for the youth. He had also made many serious allegations against the Congress.

CM Vijay Rupani, while addressing the youth through the video said, “Our government is concerned about the honest, authentic and promising students hard work not being wasted. That is why my government has given employment to 1 lakh 18 thousand youths in the last three years and this year has made a plan to provide employment to 34 to 35 thousand youths.”

Promising to provide jobs to all unemployed youth of Gujarat. CM Rupani said that, the mantra of our government is ‘Har Hath ko kam, har khet ko paani’, he also said about the agitation for the Bin Sachivalay clerk exam case that the Congress has been trying to create confusion by misleading the youth and students to bake their political bread for a long time.

CM Rupani has said in this video that his government is trying to give job to more than 12 lakh students in various sectors by organizing five and a half thousand job fair, not only that he said that the competitive examination to be held in Gujarat and to make it more transparent, Bin Sachivalay was seen patting himself on the back of the cancellation of the examination.

Amidst all these, CM Rupani made many serious allegations against the Congress and said that “Jobs were banned under Congress rule. They had not given a job to anyone but has opened the door to our government.” So far, the Congress has not responded in any way to the allegations made by CM Rupani.

In this way, CM Rupani has done three new work on the occasion of New Year in the video. 1. CM has tried to connect directly with the youth through social media. 2 have tried to develop its new mark among the public. 3. has tried to appear as an aggressive and strong leader by literally attacking the Congress directly in place of Rupani, after this video some people say that in the shadow of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah, Rather stand in equivalent.

Everybody is surprised by the changing image of CM Rupani, but according to the information given to Gujarat Exclusive, this new image building (PR) agency has influence. Which will blossom even more in the coming days and instead of playing 20-20 in the half pitch, CM Rupani goes to the non-striker end and gets the ball from the boundary with no surprise. There may be 150 countries for Muslims, but Rupani Sahab has to play many innings on the same pitch.