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JNU: Committee Recommends 50% Rollback of Fees


New Delhi: A high-level committee set up by the Jawaharlal Nehru University has recommended a 50 per cent reduction of hostel fees and utility charges for students from the level it had decided earlier. Earlier, this benefit was provided only to the BPL students. The committee has submitted its report to the university administration. He has tested the estimated service fee for the hostel, which is Rs 2000 per month which includes electricity and water charges of Rs 300. The committee has estimated the hostel fee to around RS 2000 per month and RS 300 as water and electricity charges.

The committee scrutinized the estimated utility and service charge in hostels which is Rs 2,000 per month (including electricity and water charges of Rs 300) and recommended that Rs 1,000 per month may be charged, instead of Rs 2,000, towards utility and service charges for all the students. He said the student community and the rest of the parties would welcome it. The High Level Committee constituted by the Ministry of Human Resources in this regard will also submit its report shortly.

JNU students have been protesting against the increase in hostel fees for quite some time. University has announced a partial roll back of fees but students have not accepted it.