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Jharkhand judge Uttam Anand was intentionally hit by autorickshaw, CBI tells court


The CBI on Thursday told the Jharkhand High Court that the Dhanbad district judge Uttam Anand, who died in July after being run over by an autorickshaw while on a morning jog, was intentionally hit.

The high court has expressed concern over the issue saying it was the first time that a judge was deliberately killed. The court also said that if the matter is not resolved soon, it will be detrimental to the legal system.

Reconstructions of the crime scene, examination of CCTV footage, including a 3D analysis, and forensic evidence all suggest Uttam Anand was deliberately killed, according to the probe agency. CBI had engaged separate forensic teams from Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, Delhi and Mumbai to analyse the evidence. Their reports “conclusively suggest that the judge was intentionally hit”.

Uttam Anand had been handling many cases of mafia killings in Dhanbad and had rejected bail requests from two gangsters. He was also hearing a murder case involving an MLA’s close aide. The Supreme Court took up the case on its own on July 30, saying it had “wider ramifications”. The case was then handed to the CBI, which took over on August 4.

Death of Uttam Anand

Dhanbad district judge Uttam Anand died after being hit by a speeding tempo. Hours later, the investigation into the CCTV footage seemed to indicate that the incident may have been deliberate and not an accident.

CCTV footage showed that the judge, Uttam Anand, was jogging on one side of a fairly wide road at Randhir Verma Chowk near the district court early on July 28 when a heavy auto-rickshaw veered towards him, hit him from behind, and fled the scene.

Some locals found him lying in a pool of blood and took him to a hospital, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. Dhanbad police seized the vehicle from Giridih district and arrested the auto-rickshaw driver Lakhan Verma and his assistant Rahul Verma.


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