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Jharkhand Election: BJP Neither Got ‘Ram’ nor ‘Nationalism’, had Lost from Another State


In the Jharkhand assembly elections, BJP raised a national issue prominently. On the other hand, BJP leaders were seen patting their backs on sensitive matters like Ram temple and Section 370 from Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah loudly raised national issues in their election speeches. The BJP hoped that the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir and big issues like Ram Temple would benefit it in the assembly elections, but the people rejected these issues outright.

First election result after Ram temple verdict
The SC had pronounced its spread in the Ram Mandir case on 9 November. Ever since the SC decision came in favor of Hindus, BJP was letting its victory in this. In the Jharkhand elections BJP raised this issue prominently. Home minister Amit Shah as well as many top leaders of the party has told the date of construction for the Ram temple. Amit Shah said during the election campaign that the Ram temple will be seen in the sky in the next four months in Ayodhya. While he also attacked the Congress and blamed the Congress for not being able to hear any decision on Ram temple.

Section 370 did not work
In August, BJP divided Kashmir into two parts by abolishing Article 370 and Article 15A from Kashmir. The decision of the BJP was supported all over the country. BJP believed that on this issue they will get the full support from the people in the elections. But this could not happen. The public gave priority to local issues while denying this issue outright.

Law on triple talaq
The triple talaq was also echoed in the Jharkhand election meeting. Where on one side there is a protest against the CAA across the country and many protesters had died. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was challenging the Congress that We have made the law, if there is courage in Congress, then remove it.