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Jayanti Ravi, Vijay Nehra sidelined for poor handling of Covid19 crisis?


Has principal secretary, health, Jayanti Ravi and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) commissioner Vijay Nehra been sidelined as Covid19 statistics gallop to new highs in Gujarat and Ahmedabad. The buzz is that the two bureaucrats have been pulled up for their poor handling of the Covid19 crisis in Gujarat and Ahmedabad.

It should be noted that the state government had announced that all health related coordination and monitoring responsibilities will now be handled by additional chief secretary, revenue, Pankaj Kumar. Those in the know said that Kumar had been brought in to strengthen the state’s response and handling of the crisis. Gujarat has also received flak from the Centre over its handling of Covid19 in the state. Gujarat has recorded 6,245 cases at the last count and 367 deaths, upto Tuesday evening. It ranks second in the country in number of cases and deaths only behind Maharashtra.

In Ahmedabad, which has had the highest number of cases, the state has brought in additional chief secretary (Forest & Environment ) Dr Rajiv Kumar Gupta, for coordination and monitoring responsibilities. It is believed that the move was necessitated as the district has 4,425 cases and 273 deaths with no sign of relief in sight.

In a coincidence, immediately after Gupta’s announcement was made, Nehra went on a 14-day quarantine after coming into contact with two people who had tested positive for Covid19. As per the buzz in the babudom the government brought in the two senior officers as it was not happy with the way Jayanti Ravi and Nehra had handled the crisis for their respective region. Earlier all decisions related to Covid19 in the state were to be taken by Ravi but now Kumar will have the power to do so.