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Jamia VC Najma Demand High-Level Inquiry on Police Entered Campus by Force, No Permission Taken


New Delhi: VC Najma Akhtar expressed regret over the police action and demonstration at the prestigious University of Delhi Jamia Millia Islamia. She said that we are hurt by the action taken on our students. She appealed to the students not to ignore any rumors. VC also denied the involvement of students in the fire incident.

Jamia university Vice-Chancellor Najma Akhtar said in a video message, “I am hurt by the way my students were treated. I want to let my students know that they are not alone in this fight. I am with them. I will take this matter forward as long its possible.”

Today FIR will be lodged against police
VC Najma Akhtar said to complaint against the police action in the university. She said, our university has suffered a lot, how will it be compensated? With this, violence has happened to our children who have suffered emotional damage, we are very worried for that. Not only this, he said that lathi was charged on the students sitting in the library. Due to which 200 students were injured. We will file an FIR against them.

Allegations of targeting Jamia, demand for investigation
VC said that Jamia is counted among the most prestigious universities of the country. Here children come from many parts of the country to study. Because of which, attempts are being made to spoil Jamia’s name. It is being targeted to hurt the image of our university. That is why we demand a high-level inquiry into the matter.

“The university will demand a high-level inquiry into the entry of police personnel into the campus without permission,” Professor Najma said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

The university has claimed that some locals who joined the protest march were responsible for the violence. Professor Akhtar said that some members of the public from the main road that divides the university campus into two may have joined the protest.