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Short on passengers, Jaipur Metro renting out coaches for parties


At a time when metro services are unable to cater to the ever-increasing passenger load in various cities of the country, metro coaches in Jaipur are being rented out for birthday parties, pre-wedding functions and other similar social functions.

Notably, Jaipur Metro has not been a commercially successful venture because of inadequate passenger load, and now, metro coaches are being rented out for social functions to minimise losses.

A metro coach is given on rent at the rate of Rs 8,000 per coach for holding parties. The metro train connects Mansarovar with Chandpol Bazaar located in the walled city. More than one coach can be booked for holding such parties. But due to the coronavirus pandemic and in compliance with safety guidelines, only 30 persons can attend the party at a time.

Coaches which are booked will be given for exclusive use and no other passengers will be allowed to board it. These coaches are given at the rate of Rs 8,000 per hour and one can extend the time by paying extra for each extra hour. In all, there are three categories of services that are on offer.

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According to an official of Jaipur Metro, five birthday parties have been already organised in metro coaches. Similarly, three pre-wedding celebrations have been also successful.

Jaipur Metro already incurred a loss of Rs 600 cr

Jaipur Metro has already incurred a loss of over Rs 600 crore in the past two years because of inadequate passenger load.

The Jaipur Metro is a poorly planned venture and is running on a route that has a poor passenger load. The authorities with a view to give the transportation system exposure are giving concessional rides to school children to create awareness in them. To date, around 7,000 school children have undertaken the metro ride.

In order to earn revenue, the Jaipur Metro is likely to give permission for holding functions on its platforms and other vacant areas. The expansion of the metro network has been shelved because of huge losses.


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