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Jagatpur railway overbridge: Ahmedabad builder offers to pay 10% instead of promised 25%

  • Construction of Jagatpur railway overbridge has been mired in controversy over the issue of cost-sharing between AMC and a private builder

Ahmedabad: The Siddhi Group has undertaken to pay 10 per cent of the cost contribution towards the construction of the Jagatpur railway overbridge, the road and building committee of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation was told.

Elaborating on this, committee chairman Mahadev Desai said, “The request by the Siddhi Group builder for waiver of the cost contribution has been kept for the next committee meeting. The builder had undertaken to pay Rs 7 crore, of which two cheques of Rs 50 lakh each have been collected as advance.” It may be noted that the builder had promised to bear 25% of the construction cost.

The R&B committee meeting was held on Monday, where the builder’s request for waiver of the cost contribution had come up and was once again put off until the committee’s next meeting.

This is for the fourth time that the disputed issue of AMC bearing 25% of the cost contribution for the Jagatpur railway overbridge, instead of Siddhi Group builder Mukesh Patel, had come up for consideration and had been put off for later.

The case

In 2017, Siddhi group director Mukesh Patel had made an application to the AMC offering to pay 25% of the cost of construction of Jagatpur railway overbridge. AMC had accepted the proposal and, in November 2020, approved construction of the over-bridge at a cost of Rs 67.66 crore.

Later, on December 12 last year and January 22 and March 9 this year, the builder had written letters refusing to pay the money. Subsequently, there was a proposal for AMC to bear the 25% cost on behalf of the builder. But this proposal has invited a lot of debate.

Now, the builder has offered to pay 10% of the cost, which comes to around Rs 7 crore, against his promised 25% or Rs 16 crore cost contribution share. Hence, the matter continues to remain a hot topic of discussion and debate.


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