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Jagannath Temple to have just 3 chariots for ‘trimmed’ Rathyatra on June 23


The Rathyatra will be a tame and trimmed affair this year as the state battles the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rathyatra, which will be held on June 23, will have just three chariots and will be carried out in a way to ensure social distancing norms. It should be noted that every year, apart from the three chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balram and Subhadra, several other trucks, chariots and other tableaus are part of the procession and attended by lakhs of devotees.

The Jalyatra, which is taken ahead of the Rathyatra, will also have attendance only by the temple trust. Work has already begun on preparing the chariots for the three Gods. Jagannath Temple trustee Mahendra Jha had told media that this time the trust has decided to take out the yatra in a simple way. This is the 143rd Rathyatra to be taken out in the city. He said the trust has decided to do away with the Bhajan Mandlis and other tableau that accompany the Rathyatra to ensure minimum crowd amid the pandemic.

Decision has not been taken on how many people will be allowed to pull the three chariots. Every year, the raths are pulled by Khalasis, the traditional chariot pullers of the God.

The Netrotsav ritual will be carried out at 4 pm due to a solar eclipse and only two people from Saraspur will come to Jamalpur for the traditional Mamera ritual.