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It is Nice to See Muslim Women Participating in Protest and Dharna Against CAA: Sumitra Mahajan


Protests are taking place in many places across the country on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). However, Shaheen Bagh of Delhi remains its center. Many leaders are also constantly attacking the government on this issue. Now former Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan has said that it is nice to see Muslim women participating in the sit-in protest against the citizenship law in the country.

Sumitra Mahajan has appreciated the participation of women in the protests in Delhi and other parts of the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Mahajan said, “One thing I liked very much was that Muslim women are joining a large number of dharna and protests, be it Delhi or Indore. It has created awareness and trust in the minds of Muslim women that if they face injustice in the future, they can come out on the roads and put forward their views.”  

It is known that people have been protesting in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi for more than two months in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The number of women in them is quite high. On the other hand, while hearing a case on Monday, the Supreme Court has issued an order to talk to the Shaheen Bagh protesters. The court has asked the central-state government to consider the option as well as appointed a negotiator who will speak directly to the protesters.

Sumitra Mahajan said, “I always like women to be vocal on different issues. I have to see whether Muslim women (involved in protests against CAA) have understood the right thing. But today they are raising zindabad-murdabad slogans by coming out of the houses. I thank the people of the community, because earlier these women did not get out of the house like this.”

“I pray to god that the participation of Muslim women brings good results for the country. I would like to say to all the politicians of the country to ensure that this awareness among them is maintained,” the former Indore Lok Sabha MP said.