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ISRO, MapmyIndia join hands to provide indigenous mapping portal


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia on Friday announced a collaboration to offer a fully indigenous mapping portal and geospatial services. The services will be offered by combining MapmyIndia’s digital maps and technologies with ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

The company in a statement said, “There are many reasons why Indians are better off with an indigenous solution for maps and geospatial services. MapmyIndia, being a responsible, local, Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per Government of India, and hosts its maps in India.”

The company claimed that its maps cover all 7.5 lakh villages, 7500+ cities at street and building-level, connected by all 63 lakh kilometres of road network pan India. “This is by far the most exhaustive digital map database of the country, created entirely indigenously using world-class, state-of-the-art mapping technology over last 25 years, far before any foreign organisation started offering maps for India,” the company claimed.

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The statement further provides, “Foreign mapping solutions come with a lot of hidden costs. For e.g., foreign search engines and companies claim to offer “free” maps, but in reality, they make money by targeting the same users with advertising based on invading user privacy and auctioning those users’ private location and movement data. This should be very alarming to all citizens. On the other hand, MapmyIndia has an ethical point of view against advertising-led business models of such companies, and hence, does not have an advertising business model. By using MapmyIndia maps and applications instead of the foreign map apps, users can better protect their privacy.”

“Through the combined partnership with ISRO, MapmyIndia’s end-user maps, apps and services will now integrate with ISRO’s huge catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data and would be a much better, more detailed and comprehensive, as well as privacy-centric, hyper-local and indigenous mapping solution for Indians, compared to foreign map apps and solutions. Users will be able to see in MapmyIndia’s maps and services, all of India from a bird’s eye point of view, and also benefit hugely from the various map-based analytics and insights about weather, pollution, agricultural output, land-use changes, flood and landslide disasters, etc.,” it added.


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