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Is High Profile Begging Racket in Ahmedabad Interwoven with Nityananda’s DPS-Ashram?


Ahmedabad: A high profile organised network of begging in the developed parts of Ahmedabad like Law Garden, Paldi, High Court road and SG Highway is been noticed. According to a source, there is a direct relation between these well dressed English speaking beggars and Swami Nityanand’s Ashram and the NGOs of Ahmedabad associated with Swami Nityanand.

In the developed areas of Ahmedabad, you will find 8 to 15 year old girls in skirts and half shirt uniform begging for NGO charity. According to the information obtained by the Gujarat Exclusive, all these begging children have relationship with Nityananda and may be with DPS School.

How this high profile beggar network operates

In new Ahmedabad, while visiting malls, restaurants, cinema halls, pan shops or tea stalls, you will hear a voice ‘Excuse Me Sir’ in your ears and see an 8 to 15 year old girl or boy apporoch you. The boy will be in pants and half-lined shirt, and the girl will be in skirt and half-shirt. The hairs of these children will be nicely done, which reflects that these children belong to some good family back ground. They will present you a white laminated paper and the children will have a note book in their hands. The paper says they are associated with an NGO which works for the education of children and demand money for their help. The children ask for money in such a manner that one would feel that they are not begging but asking for help. They will talk to you in fluent English saying “Sir we come from xyz NGO, we need your help for other small children living with us, please help us”.

The children behave and present themselves in such a way that most of the people get convinced to donate some money to them. In the note book in their hands they will note names of donors along with the amounts they donate such as Rs. 50, Rs 100, Rs. 500 Etc.

 This high-profile begging network is allegedly interwoven with people associated with Nityananda and his NGOs in Ahmedabad.  Kids aged 8 to 15 years are housed in different places from Narol to Hathijan in Nityananda’s ashram and NGOs associated with it. If police investigate in this direction, then human trafficking in the name of NGOs can come to light and open a barrage to much distorted business of white collared people like Manjula Pooja Shroff and Amitabh Shah and unbolt them.