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Is Gujarat Govt Putting the Lives of 72 Lakh Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Residents at Risk?


There is an atmosphere of chaos in the world due to epidemic spread by Corona virus. China has been working hard to find the break deadlock of Corona for the past month, yet it has not been successful. On January 5, one person died of corona virus in China, since then, due to corona 1350 people died (official figures, although the sources says figures are expected to be higher).  Due to COVID-19, the condition of China is getting worse from day to day.  246 people lost their lives in a single day in Wuhan city, special precautions are being taken for traveling abroad. People coming from other countries are being allowed to exit the airport only after spraying the thermal scanner and medicine. Not only this, many countries around the world are appealing to their citizens to avoid traveling abroad and especially to China these days.

Precautions from this disease is nation’s first priority because if an infected person enters the country, it may outbreak an epidemic. In order to avoid contact of Corona virus, many countries have banned the entry of tourists by issuing appropriate advisories. Many have banned imports from China. India has banned imports from china for 45 days.

While the entire Asia is in practice to prevent Corona virus, India seems to risk the lives of 92,000 crore Indians. More than two thousand people are coming to Gujarat from 130 countries of the world for a five-day program. The program is scheduled to be held in the Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar.

 People from 130 countries are visiting Gandhinagar from 17th to 22nd February.

A conference called ‘The Third Session’ of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS Cope 13 (2020)) by the Government of India and Gujarat is going to be held in Gandhinagar. The discussion on conservation is to be conducted in Mahatma Mandir in Gujarat capital Gandhinagar.

PM Modi to inaugurate the Event

Bookings for almost all five-star and three-star hotels in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have been packed for this conference, according to Press Information Bureau Maharashtra (PIB), the event will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the program will be organized by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India is being organized in collaboration with Gujarat Forest Department and United Nations Environment Program. About 80% of the guest coming to attend this program are coming with a connecting flight to the Asian region and these days the corona virus is spreading its foot in Asia very fast.

How life of Indians at stake? A Bundle of questions

The government is enthusiastically organizing the conference, but the question arises that after 130 Thermal Scanner guests will be allowed to enter, the government is not giving any information about it. Whether VVIP and VIP people will also be scanned is also a big question? How ready the government is for the Corona virus to not enter the country is also a big question. If any person infected with this virus comes into the country, will the Gujarat government take responsibility for it? Gujarat will take forest department? Will the central government or the central ministry take over? Or will the officers or politicians who make this country a world guru by organizing a conference of this way without observing the situation?

Through this article we nether want to spread fear nor questioning on the functioning of the government. We are only verifying the safety of the people of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Because more than a thousand people have died so far due to only one person infected with the corona virus in China, It is our concern that corona may enter Indian peripheral even if one infected person enters India.

 China: Aguishly Shouting in Pain

 The China has prepared a thousand bed hospital in ten days to protect its citizens and corona with advanced technology, but despite all the efforts to curb it, china is facing a really heart-filling critical situation. More than thousand people are already dead due to corona in China.

Some people have also published news by making satellite images their base. In which it is being claimed that the burning of corpses of people who died due to Corona virus has increased the Sulphur dioxide gas in China’s environment, especially above Wuhan city. A data of a Chinese company regarding Corona was leaked according to which 24,000 people have died due to it in China.

 According to an official data, more than 50,000 people have been infected in China. Despite having advanced technology, China seems helpless in front of this virus. In such a situation, ignoring the dangerous virus by the Gujarat government can be proven as a terrible mistake; one thing should not be forgotten that China is far ahead of India in terms of advanced technology, despite that China has succumbed to its knees.

Corona Virus in Singapore

Because of Corona, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the world. After China, now the corona virus has reached Singapore where 50 people are already infected. The entire bank was evacuated after a bank employee received information about the infection. A rugby tournament was scheduled to take place in Singapore but the tournament was cancelled and six other tournaments were cancelled along with it. Singapore has cancelled not one but seven tournaments to protect its citizens. Tourism in the world has come to a standstill.

Effects on various corners of world

Mobile World Congress was going to be held in Spain in which one lakh people are expected to come. But due to Corona, the program was cancelled. Balakrishna Iyer was ill in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. He thought he was infected with the corona virus and was impossible to treat. He felt that his family would also get infected by this virus. After which he committed suicide. The important question is why he had committed suicide? The answer is to protect the family from the corona virus.

How government is putting Ahmedabad –Gandhinagar-resident’s lives at risk

In such a situation, the people of 130 countries are invited to Gujarat. It seems like government is ‘showing red rag to a bull’ and putting lives of 92,000 core people on risk of corona virus infection.

Every day the number of people who died of corona virus is increasing. Amid such a dangerous situation, how appropriate is the government organizing CMS Cop 13 (2020)? According to an article published in the Daily Mail from the UK, World Health Organization (WHO) experts say that if a person is infected with the corona virus, it shows symptoms between 14 days to 24 days, that whether or not the person is affected with the virus in the human body. In these days, even if the investigation is done its symptoms are not visible and can reflect as late as 14 days after check-up.

According to The Lancet, “The corona virus penetrates from person to person in 15 seconds, a contagious disease.” Countries around the world are taking different ways to protect their citizens from corona virus. Not only this, import and export has also been banned in many countries around the world. But the Gujarat government is going to do a program in which people from 130 countries will come. The Gujarat government is messing with the health of the people of Gujarat as well as the health of the people of entire country by holding such a conference in such an environment.

Sensitive to animals and environment, whatever the Gujarat government is doing is good at their part, but the life of the residents of Gujarat and the country is also valuable. It is also being felt that govt needs to be understand that they are putting life of people at risk unlike other countries.